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The Aloha La Palma Team

Us 3 connects a decade-long friendship with the most different stops.We, Alexandra and Ralph , look back on many successful , joint gastronomic projects . Our vocation is to make people happy .

I,Mares have been early through the hotel and gastronomy landscape and have the last 15 years my own restaurant / bar with heart and love. During this time we discovered our common passion for the Hawaiian Islands, which we then traveled together and the idea was born to bring a touch of Hawaii to Europe. For us there was no more suitable island than La Palma. Black beaches like on Big Island, mountains like on Kauai, kitesurfing like on Maui , the whole year pleasant climate and the relaxed hang loose 🤙🏼 lifestyle. In 2017 we made our way to La Palma and found pretty quickly this extraordinary finca . With a lot of love , aloha spirit and a lot of patience we have been since then to create a place where you can breathe from the stress of everyday life . It makes us very happy to be able to share this green oasis, this unique place of inspiration with people now. Convince yourself of the abundance of energy and refuel , ALOHA ! Alexandra , Ralph and Mares


Aloha la Palma Spirit

What we have planned ...

Hula Dance Workshops

with Tenerife resident Yurena Namahana, she was born and raised in Tenerife, Canary Islands, where she premiered on stage at the age of two to begin an artistic life of dancing, singing and acting. From 2006 to 2018 she lived in O'ahu, Hawaii to connect with its Pacific roots. She completed formal studies in ancestral hula and became the first Kumu Hula, Professor of Hula in 2010. She has danced and taught several hula workshops in Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan, Malaga, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. In addition, Yurena Namahana has conducted ceremonies for several dignitaries, including distinguished judges, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States, and the Governor of Hawaii. She was part of several major hula documentaries and for six years was the Kumu Hula of a famous private school in Honolulu, teaching more than 350 students. Currently, Yurena shares Namahana Aloha through hula in her classes and performances in the Canary Islands.


Bookable for individual classes or for a multi-day program. Diana Rodriguez. Diana was originally born in Venezuela and moved to California at a young age where she began practicing different types of yoga and later began her studies of yoga practice. She is a student and practitioner before becoming a teacher, because she believes that her personal experience with the practice is the best way to reach people and share her knowledge. In her classes, she emphasizes conquering the realm of the mind to achieve a unique state of overall well-being and seeks to expand awareness of the importance of making an appointment with our own selves.

Aloha Reiki -

As individual sessions or learning the 3 Reiki degrees. Alexandra is a Reiki Master, Hatha Yoga teacher and has training in Shamanic Healing. In her sessions, everything flows together in healing her clients. Reiki is a Japanese healing modality and the word Reiki means universal life energy ! Reiki was first practiced in Japan and then spread to the West through a Hawaiian woman of Japanese descent. This application activates the inherent self-healing powers of everyone and harmonizes body, mind and spirit. Through gentle laying on of hands the universal life energy is passed on to the receiver. The Reiki energy can also be received over greater distances, with distance Reiki the Reiki practitioner reaches the client without the obstacle of space and time, because everything is energy !